Schechter, Basya - Songs Of Wonder

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"Setting the Yiddish poetry of the revered Civil Rights advocate Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel to music, Basya Schechter has created a rich new collection of Yiddish songs. Colorful arrangements featuring many of the downtown Jewish scene’s greatest musicians, this exciting project blends Pharoah’s Daughter’s soulful grooves and lush instrumentation with Basya’s lovely voice and Heschel’s powerful poetry. After years of live gigs and months in the studio, this exciting project is finally made available on Tzadik. An instant classic!"

Albert Leusink: Flugelhorn
Frank London: Trumpet
Basya Schechter: Oud, Saz, Vocals, Background Vocals
Megan Gould: Violin, Viola
Yoed Nir: Cello
Kyle Sanna: Acoustic And Electric Guitars, Dobro
Uri Sharlin: Piano, Accordion, Glockenspiel
Rich Stein: Percussion
Special Guests
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: Bass
Mathias Kunzli: Drums, Percussion
Miles Arntzen: Drums
Avi Avital: Mandolin
Dan Loomis: Bass
Brian Marsalla: Keys, Boubil
Tamer Pinarbasi: Kanun
Avi Fox Rosen: Guitar

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  • LabelTzadol
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