Scherzoo - 02

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I just saw these guys in Paris and they totally KILLED it from beginning to end!

This is the second album by the fine quintet of composer/drummer/multi-instrumentalist François Thollot. He is a real talent and he has two previous albums on SZ that are both really good, but suffered slightly from not being band efforts (all who know me know I am a great believer in the power of musicians working together to give us more than the sum of the individual parts!). Just like Scherzoo's excellent 1st album, this had other musicians involved from the conception forward, and this time, they have had even more time to have the 'band conception' brew and it shows by being this being his best release yet! This is a very fine modern Zeuhl/jazz rock album. Highly recommended.

"As the title says, this is Scherzoo's second album. It clearly follows the footsteps of “01” published in 2011 & recorded by the same line-up (Anthony Béard (bass), François Mignot (guitar), Jeremy Van Quackebeke (piano), Guillaume Lagache (sax) & François Thollot (drums). Just like on “01”, the album has a couple of tracks previously featured on Thollot’s 1st solo album (“Ceux d’en face” - 2002) but here re-written, re-arranged and in the end, vastly improved. The music of Scherzoo sums up the numerous influences of Thollot : RIO, Zeuhl, Canterbury etc.. This will be the last Scherzoo CD with this line-up as since the time of the recording, the guitar player has left and is now replaced by a violinist – bringing another sonic element into the band.
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