Schnauss, Ulrich - A Long Way To Fall 2 x vinyl lps + CD (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Ulrich Schnauss is a current member of Tangerine Dream and this 2013 release is a vinyl only release and while they last, this is an amazing deal!

"Ulrich Schnauss' new album has a rather uncertain start which turns strangely beautiful and ethereal. This contrasts with "Broken Homes" which seems to have discordant vocals, buzzing and scary voices at the end.
Fortunately "Like a Ghost in Your Own Life" brings back an exuberant pleasant melody. This does not really prepare you for "A Long Way to Fall" which is spectacular and embodies a feeling of ecstatic love, hope and deep satisfaction. It is about as perfect and uplifting as a instrumental song can be. I could play this song obsessively and never tire of it. It makes me feel in love. There are subtle vocals where you can barely hear the words and yet the melody is extremely pleasant.
The album then takes a darker turn at this point and becomes otherworldly. Dark rhythms take getting used to. The music is mysterious and becomes somewhat ecstatic. Bubbles seems to rise from a deep ocean and the music becomes exotic, complex and chaotic. Then it abruptly ends.
The next track " A Forgotten Birthday" then turns beautiful with heavenly strains that permeate the mind and become more and more prominent. This track really captures the heart.
"The Weight of Darkening Skies" at first sparkles with creativity suddenly descends into darkness then becomes pleasant again only to become chaotic and distorted. "Borrowed Time" has indiscernible voices which are somewhat muffled. It is interesting and has unique sounds.
"Ten Years" is filled with regrets and a subtle intimacy. What is taken away is often replaced by something better. The mood of this track is in the end hopeful for a new beginning. At last we come to the last track which is "A Ritual in Time and Death." This is a fast-paced ride into and exotic experience. There is a strange musical collapse and then it sounds like wings flapping into eternity in echoes.
Overall I'd say this album is a euphoric experience that you will want to repeat again and again. It is rather addictive even with a few moments of darkness amidst the glowing unrestrained light. ...reminiscent at times of Evening Ocean's The Kiss."
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