Schulte, Martin - Silent Start (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"One of the great musicians for deep and dubby ambient-techno. This album is full of all the classic elements and sounds as associated with dub-techno, and more!. Nice layered swirling textures, drifting spacious ambient, swirls of deep techno & elements of house that add extra layers of warmth and depth to the already deep album. The albums thoughtful moods and textured atmosphere explore a exquisite journey across tectonic deep spacious dub-techno across beats and rhythms, yet also chilled calming ambient moments of minimalist drifting soundscapes. Both dub-techno and ambient always hit the right spot between head-nodding rhythms and drifting ambient thoughts, which hold and work well together, always hitting the right pace and balance between music and ambient - and with no track fillers. Just quality from beginning to end. A great listen esp for those late nights and long journeys, and of-course chilling."
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