Schulze, Klaus - Cyborg (remastered / expanded) 2 x CDs

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Klaus' classic second album, originally released in 1973, this includes a 50' bonus track (!!) recorded in Bruxelles in 1977.

“Cyborg is a seminal work in abstract experimental electronic music. The psycho acoustic and hypnotic effects on the listener are incredible. This double album features almost similar electronic equipments used in “Irrlicht” (acoustic strings manipulations, molecular machines, primitive keyboards). This deep meditative and almost supernatural musical adventure starts with a magical linear organic composition led by cello chords, long dronescapes with circular “intergalactic” noises. The atmosphere has something creepy, sad but released within a fragile beauty. The second part begins with an obsessional, cybernetic, industrial accompaniment, floating in a static time. In distance come modulated sounds, giving a macabre accent to the ensemble. Progressively rises monumental synth waves. Beautiful, ethereal electronic loops come from the dark. “Cyborg” second album carries on an imaginative and haunted abstract symphony. The first composition starts with organic powerful “drones” sustained by rising synth lines. The tension goes higher and the composition opens on a church like organ chant. Discreet electronic repetitive rhythms give an other dimension to this unique and unmistakable piece. The last track features an avalanche of electronic loops, effects and accidents, sometimes turning the attention of the listener with mysterious, celestial synthesiser chords. With Irrlicht, this one represents the pick of Schulze’s musical creativity. No musical conformism, no definition, just exquisite traumatic dreamscapes. "- Philippe Blache/
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