Schulze, Klaus - La Vie Electronique 8 : 3 x CDs

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In the 1990s, when most of his best known material wasn't generally available, there were 3 huge archival sets of all unreleased material of his work released. This series will take these long out of print archival releases, add yet more unreleased material, and put them into chronological order!

"DURING THE YEARS 1977-1983...Klaus Schulze recorded some of his more introspective works. Albums like MIRAGE, DUNE, and DIG IT saw a significant change in his style of playing and his way of composing. While Schulze was quickly expanding his collection of synthesizers, that ultimately had its effect on the outlook of the music and the possibilities of performing that in a more exquisite way. Play a track like "Synthasy" and notice that Schulze has come a long way since TIMEWIND and MOONDAWN. On this 8th part of LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE there's a selection of stuff that was archived beside his official albums in those years. A large part of this 3CD-set forms the appearance of concert recordings (made on a cheap, but stereo radio cassette recorder) from Klaus' 1979 tour with singer Arthur Brown. Besides the recordings that made up three sides of his monumental "...LIVE..." album that was released in 1980, there were plenty of other versions available of the material that Schulze played during the fall of 1979....The late seventies/early eighties' work of Klaus Schulze is often overlooked and underrated by many. Hearing the material featured on this 3CD-set, one can discover the 'other side' of that particular period when analogue was still there, but digital was about to become the power to be." And so on…"-Wouter Bessels, July 2008 [Made in Germany]
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