Schulze, Klaus - Timewind (expanded) 2 x CDs

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Hot damn! Not only is this one of Klaus' very best albums (his fifth, from 1975), it's here with an extra disc of unreleased material from the same sessions as the original album!! This was also the record that introduced him to a lot of people when it gained released on Caroline/Virgin. It's a great, flowing, spacey classic with a beautiful cover. Recommended!

"Originally released in 1975, Timewind is one of the most revered and mesmerizing recordings in the extensive Klaus Schulze catalogue and certainly the best known globally. Says Mike DeGagne on The All-Music Guide: "Dedicated to Richard Wagner, Timewind is a 60-minute electronic expedition that is broken up into two half-hour tracks, Bayreuth Return and Wahnfried 1883. The first 30 minutes involves icy pulsations and lengthy tonal flights that unnoticeably converge into each other. While one rhythm gains momentum, the other one slowly fades into a bubbly electronic bath of bright swirls and meandering keyboard waves. Similar to early Tangerine Dream, the music here rises and falls above a distant sonic horizon, and the effect is truly mesmerizing. One specific flow can last for minutes, while small, detailed noises adhere themselves to the main electronic run. On the second track, more of the same far-off synthesized altering takes place, but the washes of keyboard become inoculated with a sharper, more precise sound. Longer notes build into resilient pieces with the same comforting result. This album will sketch a barren wasteland in the mind through the wispiness of the wind-like effects. Timewind serves as splendid mood music, and the ears are forever kept busy following Schulze's electronic wandering."
The previously unreleased bonus tracks, Echos Of Time and Solar Wind, were recorded in 1975 at Klaus' home in the same sessions as Timewind while Windy Times was taken from a session twenty five years later. This definitive version of Timewind is remastered and housed in a stylish digipak with deluxe booklet with new liner notes."
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