Scope - Scope (expanded)

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This is the first ever reissue of this very sought after and very good Dutch jazz/rock album from 1974. The band only made two records and both have been some of the most requested items to appear on CD for DECADES!
Unconditionally recommended to fusion fans of the early period of the music.

“Sireena Records has spent nearly 10 years releasing these two special albums on CD! A lot of jazz rock friends from all over the world kept asking about it, but all inquiries with the then SCOPE record company came to nothing. It was only when the two former band members Rik Elings (keyboards) and Rens Newland (guitar) interfered in the negotiations that licensing finally came about. Good things take time - in this case it hits the nail on the head. So two real jewels could be preserved for posterity!
The predecessor band of SCOPE was called Strange Power and was founded around 1969 in Zwolle / Holland. Rik Elings, Henk Zomer (drums) and bassist Erik Raayman had founded the fusion project and had already released a 7 "single that was added to the first SCOPE CD as a bonus. With the entry of guitarist Rens Nieuwland in 1972, Strange Power became SCOPE. Subsequently, the Dutch jazz rock foursome made a name for itself in both Holland and Germany. A talent scout from Atlantic became aware of the band and hired them for his label. In 1973 the band entered the Hamburg studio Maschen to record their debut album "Scope" under the direction of Jochen Petersen. The result was an exciting, varied fusion / jazz rock album, which contained a lot of improvisations and perfectly reflected the craftsmanship of the four musicians. The press was thrilled and SCOPE went back on the streets to present the new album live.”
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