Scurvy - Fracture CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Great first album by this very cutting-edge NYC jazz/noise/out band consisting of leader Johnny Butler (saxes, electronics), Ryan Snow (trombone), Adam Caine (guitar), Rus Wimbish (bass), Jason Nazary (drums). Excellently recorded by Colin Marston, this captures all the energy and the drive and the squall. Highly recommended!

"Scurvy is a New York-based group lead by composer and saxophonist Johnny Butler. Formed in 2007, Scurvy combines elements of progressive rock, math metal, noise, fusion, jazz, and unrestrained improvisation in a cacophony of angular melodies, interlocking rhythms, and unrestrained improv couched in brutal instrumental rock. Infinitely dynamic, and wildly inventive, the sum result is a swath of interlocking rhythms and otherworldly textures. Additionally, Scurvy makes appearances as a classical chamber ensemble, performing intimate chamber adaptations of their rock repertoire."
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