Secret Chiefs 3 - Book Of Souls: Folio a

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"This second album in the Secret Chiefs 3's "Book of Truth" trilogy is a monumental triumph. Aside from its wide array of musical styles and sounds, the album features meticulous production from beginning to end. It is accessible, enchanting, and rewarding.

There are thirteen tracks present; seven songs comprise the majority of the album, separated by six short and elaborate soundtracks which resemble radio station identifier sounds. As such, the album is balanced and flows smoothly in spite of its ambitious variety. The seven SC3 sub-bands are all present and occasionally integrated for the first time: each sub-band has their own full-length song, with two exceptions (Holy Vehm and NT Fan) making appearances in the radio-themed tracks.

Although more could be written about this album, words are a poor substitute for the blissful experience of hearing it."
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