Secret Chiefs 3 - Path of Most Resistance

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"Descriptions of Secret Chiefs 3 habitually begin with the main selling point - the Mr. Bungle tie-in - since four members from that band are involved, and who are we to flaunt convention? Though it's true that thrown-together side projects and uninspired avant-garde supergroups can attract respectable business, the Secret Chiefs 3 is anything but one of those. Secret Chiefs 3 have been running covert operations for twelve years now. For a band that tosses their releases out into the mirage of human civilization with little or no fanfare, it's no wonder that Secret Chiefs 3 have remained off the music media's radar, and have weathered innumerable musical fads without so much as a flinch. History has shown that the bulldozers will eventually come to break up cults like this, destroying their compound and seizing their weapons cache. Secret Chiefs 3 have therefore recognized the need to publicly gather some of their most universally recognizable doctrines into one affirming document. Path of Most Resistance is just such an offering to the public. Unbeknownst to too many, this music is lush, gigantic, heartfelt, and organic, and can't be written off as mere musical gymnastics. People who may not be so geeked-out on the sophisticated hologram of ancient Pythago-quasi-Dastgah or modern western poly-tonal temperaments going on in this music, who judge things more on just whether it's good listening or not, now have a clean welcome mat rolled out, and bodyguards to usher them past the scowling elites, past the annoying zealots, and straight to the garden where the heart of this music beats. Culled from SC3's four main studio recordings, plus some enhanced CD bonus material (out-of-print live tracks, obscure cover versions (Good Vibrations AND Heroes and Villians!), and two live videos), Path of Most Resistance will delight new and seasoned SC3 listeners alike."
  • LabelWeb of Mimicry
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