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Seffer Big Band Yochk'o - Yog 3

SKU 01-MUSEA3037
Yochk'o first came to attention as a member of Magma, and then as a founding member of Zao. After leaving Zao, he made a number of notable solo albums in the 70's and early 80's. While he isn't as active these days as he once was, he's still a fine player and composer. This 1999 release spotlights his great tunes (many of which, of course, bear resemblance to his work on his solo albums or his tunes written for Zao) and sax work. The band includes 5 tubas, 4 saxes, electric and acoustic piano, bass (by Dominique Bertram, who played in Neffesh Music) and drums (by Jean-My Truong, who played in Zao)!.
  • LabelMusea Parallele
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