Seffer, Yochk'o - Adama / Ima CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Out of print for years and at a great price!

Yochk'o first came to attention as a member of Magma, and then as a founding member of Zao. After leaving Zao, he made a number of notable solo albums, of which these are two. Adama & Ima are both for multi-tracked saxes, voices (Yochk'o is a big man, but he has a beautiful, clear high voice!) plus Yochk'o's 'sound sculptures', which resemble a cross between a saxophone, drainage piping, and an plaster sculpture in the early stages of work.

The title track of his second Neffesh Music album, Ima, which is included here, includes is an eerie 20 minute collage with self-made reed instruments, tenor sax, vocals and synthesizers.

These are both really good albums, especially Ima, which, unfortunately appears here in truncated form, as only half of it would fit on the CD. But these are quite rare, and since this is the only way you can get them, I guess we shouldn't complain...too much!
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