Seffer, Yochk'o - My Old Roots

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Yochk'o first came to attention as a member of Magma, and then as a founding member of Zao. After leaving Zao, he made a number of notable solo albums in the 70's and early 80's. While he isn't as active these days as he once was, he's still a fine player and composer. "My Old Roots" is a collection of pieces recorded between 1976 and 1980. Some of them should have been included in the Musea reissue of "Chromophonie", but were dropped because of technical problems. So, here they are today ! Some others had been composed in the year 1976 with Neffesh Music. Let's also note that many of the compositions were never released on CD, including an unreleased track recorded in 2005 with violin player Lajos Horvath. So, here's an excellent introduction to the lively, inventive and colourful music of Yochk'o Seffer. Just brilliant!"
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