Seffer, Yochk'o - Noce Chimique

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The powers that be have purposefully obscured what this is and I will admit that I can't swear that what I am saying is correct, but as far as I can tell, this is an unreleased album that was supposed to come out after Ghilghoul from 1978 called Noce Chimique (it's referred to in the liner notes of the CD version of Ghilgoul) but didn't. In the early 2000s most of it came out on a Moshe Naim CD called "Yochk'o Seffer - Neffesh Music" and I actually got the story wrong when we managed to find a small number of copies and sold that one. Anyway, this unreleased album features Yochk'o's great Neffesh Music project, featuring Yochk'o on saxes, keyboards and vocals, Lajos Horvath on violin, Dominique Bertram on bass and Fran├žois Laizeau on drums. Also included, which is a part of what is throwing me off and keeping me from knowing exactly what is what here, are 2 tracks taken from Ima and maybe one or two other, (unreleased?) other things as well. Anyway, sorry to be sort of confusing about this, but I'm a bit confused too. The music is great, though.

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This is a great album that compiles music from the 'Noce Chimique', 'Delire' and 'IMA' Lps. Unfortunately this was already published on cd before as 'Neffesh Music' and sold right here at Wayside. So if you already have it no need to buy it again.
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