Segno Del Comando - Il Volio Verde

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Diego Banchero-electric bass, fretless bass, keyboards, theremin, Fernando Cherchi-drums, percussions, Roberto Lucanato-guitars, Davide Bruzzi-guitars, Maethelyiah-lead and backing vocals
with: Maurizio Pustianaz, Giorgio Cesare Neri, Claudio Simonetti, Gianni Leone, Freddy Delirio, Martin Grice, Paul Nash, Sophya Baccini, Vinz Aquarian, David Krieg, Alessio Panni.

"The return of the dark-prog project comes after a little over ten years since their second LP, "Der Golem", which showed us a group capable of weaving nightmares and anxieties between the film and the esoteric , sewing on skin alive the ideas and suggestions of novels and black.

The project was born in 1996 thanks to the minds of Diego Banchero and Mercy (bass and vocals respectively already Malombra of the first project also has assets Aegis Aurea , the second is the voice of IANVA), he finds himself today more supported by writing Diego, flanked by new entries Maethelyah however, David Krieg and Sophya Baccini. These changes will add "some" special guests like Claudio Simonetti (Goblin , Daemonia), Gianni Leone (Il Balletto di Bronzo ), Freddy Delirio (Death SS), and many others that make it even more dense and tortuous structure of the disc. A hard, or rather a concept, which incorporates almost linearly speech interrupted at the beginning of the millennium, continuing the work of exegesis Meyrink, esoteric author of the novel "Der Golem" that inspired their sophomore year, and even opera "The Green Face ", travel grotesque, dark and twisted into the occult.

Unlike "Der Golem", much heavier and contaminated by matrix influences the post-punk and darkwave, this new work is moving in the territories dark-prog so dear to the beginning of the project, in which references to Il Balletto di Bronzo , Jacula and the Goblin more atmospheric join in a dense poetry drawn with dark ink. "The Green Face" is a poetic corpus multiforme, swimming between words in continuous interlocking then live long and sudden instrumental crossings. A work that sees "Childer green", "The Manuscript", "The Invocation of Eve" and the closing "Epilogue" not so much a journey that pays homage to the masters of the distant 70's, but it creates its own magical, restlessness, building a castle poetic grotesque of careful workmanship. The writing is solid and dissolved Banchero, showing his ability to build a microcosm esoteric frightening and fascinating at the same time.

An unexpected return. A return of bloody beauty."-OndaRock
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