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High quality vinyl re-edition of the very, very first Sensations Fix album [spelled incorrectly on the cover as Sensation’s Fix], which was only released as a ‘library music’ album by Polydor and which has been impossible to find for 45 years!
I had heard bad things about it, but now that I can actually hear it, I would say it’s a great one and if you like Fragments Of Light and Portable Madness, this one is basically as good, except that the tracks are all very short [all under 4 minutes]. Other than that, it’s as good as anything they did, imo, and highly recommended to ‘kosmiche musik’ fans.
Sensations Fix were for too long a great, under-recognized Italian electronic/spacemusic/rock/progressive band who, unlike so many other 70s greats remained undiscovered until relatively recently because most of their material was never reissued!
Sensations Fix (also sometimes seen as Sensation's Fix and Sensations' Fix!) were early practitioners of the DIY approach, meaning that their home-recorded albums have a somewhat 'lo-fi' edge that actually is quite prescient with the sound of modern psychedelic rock music today.
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