Setna - Cycle I

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This band was discovered several years ago when they released a small number of really short musical snippets via their webpage and everyone's zeuhl-radar went into overdrive. Mixing a classic zeuhl sound with an original slant, this features female voice, two keyboardists on Fender Rhodes and mini-Moog, soprano sax, bass and drums/percussion. Guests also appear, including James MacGaw (Magma, One Shot) on guitar. This has a quiet, insistant groove; it never really breaks into something that slays you hard, but, rather, draws you in via the over-all excellence and development of the entire album. Modern zeuhl doesn't get any better; highly recommended!

"This new French band has finally his first recording available, after several announcements & an increasing buzz around them. The music is influenced by Offering and the CD has only one long track divided into several sections. Classic line-up, with a superb female singer. Music ranges from dark to quiet, to cristal clear vocals; at the border of progressive, jazz, zeuhl, pop, atmospheric. A CD to be listened again & again to reveal its magic."

You can hear their music here

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If Morton Feldman and Soft Machine had co-written the Kobaian National Anthem, Setna would have been there to play it. Their unique take on the genre plays down the rhythmic element in favor of intricate, dramatic waves of tension and release. The resulting music still burns hot and deep while steering clear of cliche. Like nothing else in the Zeuhl axis, and excellent from beginning to end.
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