Seven Indies / James Mac Gaw - Someone Hears Your Prayer CD + DVD

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James MacGaw, the great guitarist of Magma and One Shot, has been struggling with illness for some time. And due to the illness, he is struggling financially. This is a release that he worked on and finished in 2010, but hadn't done a final mix of, but when he got ill, his friends all pitched in and finished for him and that his friends all pitched in to release, with all proceeds going to James.

"Seven independent souls - a septet of mercenaries without a map or compass, let loose in the studios of Music Unit. James Mac Gaw, guitarist for Magma, has at last succeeded in gathering his Electric Orchestra, summoned to create a new chapter and to find a voice. An in vivo creation. James - singer! – spurs on the horde in love with rock and Coltrane. Intensity and depth of sound, sophisticated darkness, de profundis lyrics (Make the previous life die) : Someone hears your Prayer hails both the living and the dead. A paroxystic, gloomy and bright breakaway. Dam solar!
Seven Indies : James Mac Gaw, Manuel Poletti, Jim Grandcamp, Philippe Bussonnet, Philippe Gleizes, Daniel Jeand’heur, Pierre Luzy
Included is a DVD-documentary of the sessions, All Your Dreams Come True - The Seven Project, made by Dom Poupardin. Dom Poupardin has immerged himself into the real-time creation of the Seven Indies' album, knowing perfectly how to make us forget his camera to plunge us right into the core of their sonic smithy."

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