Sha’s Feckel - Feckel For Lovers

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Sha - Reeds
Urs Müller - Guitar
Lionel Gafner - Bass
Kaspar Rast - Drums

More great ‘zen funk’ offshoots from the Nik Bärtsch and Ronin school.

“Sha’s Feckel has no interest in the jazz status quo. For its sophomore album Feckel for Lovers, the Swiss quartet has chosen to emphasize the rock element of its jazz-rock leanings, amping up the energy and crunch by several factors. It’s music inspired by its raucous standing room audiences, but there’s plenty for the chin-stroking set, too.
The band is part of a new wave of Swiss acts stretching the boundaries of pattern-based, minimalist-inspired music deep into the expansive rock realm. It’s comprised of saxophonist Sha and drummer Kaspar Rast—both also part of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin—and guitarist Urs Müller and bassist Sarah Zaugg. The group’s previous bassist Lionel Gafner performs on the album.
“Feckel is about producing the most powerful, anarchic sound waves possible,” said Sha. “We explore all sorts of rhythmic structures that talk to your brain, as well as your body. We try to make uneven meters sound fluid, so listeners can really feel immersed and connected to the music. It’s rough, tough, loud stuff, but has a positive energy which allows us to spread love to and through the audience.”
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