Sharp / Dahl / Walter - Kompromat (band released CDR)

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Elliott Sharp: guitar
Tim Dahl: bass guitar
Weasel Walter: drums

This is pretty damn noisy and also pretty damn great.

“Recorded in New York City on May 6, 2011, and recently discovered in the vaults, this 2011 studio recording of the power trio featuring Downtown NYC legend Elliott Sharp on guitar, new school bass terrorizer Tim Dahl, and Flying Luttenbachers drummer Weasel Walter is an exercise in spontaneous free music with a muscular, no-holds-barred edge. An hour of heavyweight, loud free improvisation that rocks while not being "rock".
"Kompromat" features some of the most blatantly scorching string mangling E# has done on record in recent memory and the notorious rhythm section goads him with aplomb and a variety of contexts. Loose, playful, raw, and energetic stuff, perfect for those who need a fix of wire-brush no wave outrageousness and racket.”
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