Sharp, Elliott / Scott Fields - Akra-Kampoj CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

Elliott Sharp: guitars
Scott Fields: guitars

“Where previous outings found the duo wrangling complex timbres and tonalities from acoustic instruments, Akra Kampoj is a marked departure. Here, the guitarists coax a mystifying range of dynamic, angular tones and textures from largely unprocessed electric guitars.
These massively influential, pioneering avant-guitar virtuosos ably blur the lines between free improvisation and new music composition. Sharp and Fields conjure sympathetically an unparalleled range of transcendental squall, pantonal skronk, and blissful harmonic abstractions, in equal measure. Compositional duties are divided roughly evenly between the pair. The skillfully crafted frameworks imbue a sense of kinetic motion and order to the improvisations, balanced by the entropic, technical abundance displayed by both guitarists.
Recorded by Elliott Sharp in his NYC studio, Akra Kampoj boasts unhinged, blistering guitar work, executed with expert precision by massively influential, longtime veterans of the avant-garde underground.”
  • LabelNew Atlantis
  • UPC616892255949
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