Sha's Feckel - Greatest Hits

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Sha is - of course! - the amazing bass clarinetist/saxist for Nik Bärtsch's Ronin. This is his band which combines sax, guitar, bass and drums.

"Sha’s Feckel create a bold, fast-moving high-octane hybrid that’s part-jazz, part-prog and part something else altogether."-from the press text by Sid Smith

"Since his first album “Chessboxing Volume One” released in 2008, Ronin reed player Sha has undergone a rapid evolution and is releasing with his new band Sha's Feckel their ironically titled debut album “Greatest Hits”. The live album, recorded in Zurich's hip club Kaufleuten, introduces the unmistakeable new direction of Sha and his colleagues: in addition to two reinterpretations of songs from the English alternative-prog-rock band Oceansize, “Greatest Hits” features new material from Sha in the form of two heavy and radically raw tracks. Although minimalist structures and ambient episodes are still ever-present, the music is clearly invigorated by the sonorities and energies of prog-rock and its stylistic relatives. Thus emerges a fresh and autonomous aesthetic embodied by rhythmic tension, groove, and smart beats. The band's mix of ironic musical jabs and serious beat-culture shows itself in their onomatopoetic name, which plays with the Swiss German expletive "Schafseckel". The band electrifies the ears and grabs the audience with the powerful and seductive fervor of a band of youths without compromise. Beside Sha and his sometimes amplified saxophone, the band is comprised of Ronin drummer Kaspar Rast, bassist Lionel Gafner, and the guitarist Urs Müller, who like Sha dominate Switzerland's progressive groove scene."
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