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Originally released as the "demo tape" Shub Niggurath. White vinyl. Sleeve is rigid plastic screenprinted by Atelier de sérigraphie de Doc, Paris. Cover design inspired by "Neptune's horses" Walter Crane (1893). Limited, hand-numbered edition of 500.
First time-ever release of the band’s great demo tape on vinyl in a VERY striking and unique package!
Shub Niggurath were a brilliant, very dark, French Zeuhl band. The original line-up (the only line-up that matters, imo) featured Alain Baullaud-bass, Franck Coulaud-drums, Franck Fromy-guitar, percussion, Jean-Luck Hervé-piano, harmonium, Ann Stewart-vocals and Veronique Verdier-trombone.
They seemingly burst out of nowhere with their stunning debut album on Musea (Musea's first release, iirc) "Les Morts Vont Vite" and then disappeared back into whatever dark hell had inspired them in the first place.
BUT: what many didn't know is that in 1984/85, in preparation for a tour, they had recorded a 41' session that was issued only as a cassette tape. A copy of the tape had come to us in the mail with no contact information and I had thought it was pretty great, and then I never heard of them again until their album was released 3-4 years later! Now over 25 years later, these recordings, which feature 5 songs - only one of which was later re-recorded for Les Morts Vont Vite - have been newly transferred and mastered by Udi Koomran for the enjoyment of Zeuhl fans/dark avant-progressive. Recommended.
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