Silberbart - 4 Times Sound Razing

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This is the first time ever that this one and done, rockin' German rarity has been legitimately reissued.

Originally released on Phillips in 1971, they are a heavy power trio and they are comparable in some ways to their contemporaries Guru Guru, with long tracks and plenty of acid-fueled craziness to their very heavy jams.

"What the fuck...“4 Times Sound Razing” tears at the stitches as elements of Guru Guru’s first two albums and Alice Cooper’s first three are straddled simultaneously in a jarring, screaming and ultimately razing proto-metal masterpiece. This album was Silberbart’s first and only and the fact it was laid down between April and May of 1971 -- a full two months before Guru Guru’s “Hinten” -- makes no sense whatsoever for Silberbart proceed in a detuned, free and wildly anarchic power trio manner completely akin to Guru Guru, housing their Frei-Rock within equally boggling and superb song titles. And for all its extreme heaviness, disjointedness and chaos, it’s executed with such a perfect sense of synchronisation it’s astonishing.

Silberbart were comprised of the deft hand (and sore larynx) of guitarist/vocalist Tajo Teschner backed by Peter Behrens on drum and Werner Flug on bass. And like Guru Guru’s “Hinten,” there are only two hilariously named tracks per album side (side 1: “Chubb Chubb Cherry,” “Brain Brain”; side 2: “God,” “Head Tear Of The Drunken Sun”)...“Four Times Sound Razing” is one crazy, vicious record."-Julian Cope
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