Silver Apples - Clinging To A Dream (Mega Blowout Sale)

Fifty years ago, a very unusual and wonderful band emerged from New York City called Silver Apples. They were an amazingly forward looking band, where one guy played drums (in a 1968 Mitch Mitchell/Robert Wyatt kinda vein), and the other guy, Simeon, played a quite amazing home-built contraptions made out of 9 audio oscillators, which he played with his hands, elbows and knees and used his feet for the bass lines and sang. They recorded two very unique and quite cool albums in 1968 and 1969 and then disappeared for decades until they re-emerged in the early 90s.
"This is the group's first album since 1998 and the first since the death of drummer Danny Taylor.
The new songs on Clinging To A Dream carry on the tradition begun in 1967 by Simeon and Silver Apples of merging pure, raw electronic sounds with melodic poetic content; this album represents 50 years of polishing and refining this experiment."
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