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For my money, there are three *great* avant-garde psych bands of the late 60's (not great psych bands, of which there are many, but great avant-garde psych): The United States of America, Fifty Foot Hose, and Silver Apples.

Silver Apples were an amazingly forward looking band, where one guy played drums (in a 1968 Mitch Mitchell/Robert Wyatt kinda vein) and sang, and the other guy, Simeon, played a quite amazing home-built contraptions made out of 9 audio ocillators, which he played with his hands, elbows and knees and used his feet for the bass lines and also sang. They recorded two very unique and quite cool albums in 1968 and 1969 and then disappeared. This is both albums, taken from the master tapes and remastered nicely with a good informative booklet that tells the history of the band and has some good photos.
Very much of its hippie time, I consider at least half of each of their original albums to be brilliant. Conditionally recommended.

"The amazing thing is they make absolutely mind shattering music with all this junky equipment."-East Village Other
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