Silver Apples - The Garden

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"After pioneering the use of electronics in rock music and releasing two groundbreaking albums, the Silver Apples were left without a record label after Kapp folded, not to mention a $100,000 lawsuit from PanAm over the 'Contact' sleeve.
Thanks to the Record Plant studio in NY, they were allowed to begin recording their third full length in the hopes that another label would pick up the bill. Unfortunately, no labels came through and the tapes were held by the studio as payment for the studio time.
Dubs of Silver Apple's third album, which had been mysteriously unaccounted for, were found in a cardboard box in drummer Danny Taylor's attic. The remarkable reunion of the original duo of Simeon Coxe and Taylor hadn't been planned. After 27 years apart, they were reunited when a disc jockey at New Jersey's legendary WFMU radio station received a phone call from Taylor for the station's pledge drive. Taylor had been out of the music business for years, and his call put the pieces in place for Simeon to forge a renewed excitement for the Silver Apples's earliest recordings. The recordings included seven complete songs from 1969 and seven drum instrumentals by Taylor in 1968. Taylor's 1968 drumming demos were blended with Coxe's 1998 "Noodle" efforts.”
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