Simon, Harper - Division Street (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Harper is the son of Paul Simon and the music here is his own; I don't hear any discernable audio evidence of his father. This is more like modern psychedelia with folk and shoe-gazey touches, featuring a large number of supporting players, which very much give this a band sound.

"If you're looking for another Paul Simon album, look somewhere else. Harper Simon's most recent work has more in common with the power pop of Big Star, the guitar interplay of Television and the "Smile" era psychedelia of Brian Wilson than with Paul Simon's music. Most of the songs on "Division Street" have beautiful minor key melodies supported by intricate guitar and keyboard arrangements that reward repeated listening. "Just Like St. Teresa" is the album's lone acoustic track and the fingerpicking on this would sound at home on a Nick Drake album. The opening track, "Veteran's Parade," combines interesting guitar textures with just the right amount of reverb. "Bonnie Brae" is an uptempo rock n roll song with nice guitar textures and just the right amount of distortion. The title track, "Division Street," is great psychedelic pop with the wonderful line "It's not the end of the century any more." "Dixie Cleopatra" features almost rockabilly guitars buoyed by drums that sound like early Elvis Costello & The Attractions - maybe because that's Pete Thomas on drums! "Eternal Questions" may be the best track on the album, with its psychedelic organ and catchy tune. In another era, this would have been a garage band classic. This is a wonderful album - as long as you aren't looking for Graceland, Part II"-R Dripps
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