Sinclair, Richard - R.S.V.P.

Richard Sinclair / vocals, bass, guitar
Kit Watkins / MiniMoog, String synth & piano (2,7,10)
Didier Malherbe / sopranino sax (1), alto clarinet (5), bamboo flute (9)
Tony Coe / alto clarinet (3,4)
Jimmy Hastings / flute (3), tenor sax (6)
Alan Clarke / harmonica (3)
Tony Rico / didgeridoo (5)
Hugh Hopper / bass (4)
Dave Cohen / drums (1,6)
Andy Ward / drums (2,5,10)
Pip Pyle / drums (3,4,7,8)

25th anniversary reissue!

“Sinclair has one of the most enjoyable voices of contemporary music…But he is also an interesting composer and lyric writer, and a very good bass player too. In this CD he joins many friends (Kit watkins from Happy the Man, Hugh Hopper from Soft Machine, Tony Coe from the English jazz scene, etc) to offer us a great and satisfying album.
Excellent, personal and yes (those two feared words!) original 'progressive music'. Thanks Richard!!”-Miguel Hiraldo
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