Single Celled Organism - Splinter In The Eye

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"Single Celled Organism is the new progressive rock project of Jens Lueck. The attentive progVisions reader will recognize this name from my reviews of the albums of his musical partners Isgaard and Volker Kuinke. The later makes music under the moniker Syrinx Call. Jens Lueck has his own Art Of Music Studio and is a respected producer, composer and musician. My first acquaintance with Jens Lueck was at the time when he produced some albums of one of my favorite German bands, Sylvan. To stay with Sylvan, you can find the ex Sylvan guitarist Jan Petersen on most of the tracks of this first album of this remarkable project. And you will not be surprised that you also find the names of Isgaard and Volker Kuinke in the credits. The album is entitled “Splinter In The Eye” and it is a real concept album.
After working as producer, engineer and composer for several film soundtracks and the already mentioned acts like Isgaard, Syrinx Call, Eloy and Sylvan, Jens Lueck returns with Single Celled Organism to his roots, which lie in progressive / art rock genre. “Splinter In The Eye“ is a concept album based on a modern-day dystopian story...
Jens Lueck succeeded in his intention to make a good album full of Art & Progressive Rock music. I am impressed by the fact that Jens plays most of the instruments himself and that he is an excellent vocalist. Joined by skilled guitar players, the angelic voice of Isgaard and some guests players for the classical accents and orchestrations, Jens produced a wonderful album. The middle section with songs like “New Horizons” and “I Can’t Feel” and the last section with the songs “The Virus”, “Splinter In The Eye”, “I See You” and “Epilogue” are very strong. Two years ago, on his mobile phone, Jens received a message about a superb progressive rock album from his fourteen years old daughter. This brought him back to the inspirations of his youth and finally resulted in this progressive rock project under the alias Single Celled Organism. Hopefully this “Splinter In The Eye” album is the first of many. “Splinter In The Eye” of the Single Celled Organism project is highly recommended by progVisions."-ProgVisions
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