Sinouj - Labu

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Pablo Hernández Ramos (alto sax)
Larbi Sassi (violin, vocals & percussion)
Sergio Salvi (keyboards)
Javier Geras (bass)
Akin Onasanya (drums, percussion & vocals)
Kaveh Sarvarian (ney, flute, zorna & vocals)
Miron Rafajlovic (trumpet)
Munir Hossn (guitars & vocals on Essaouira)
Luis Taberna (oriental percussion on Essaouira)

"Sinouj is an Afromediterranean band that mixes musical traditions from the Magreb and the Middle East with contemporary Jazz, Funk, and African Music. Sinouj integrates its Arabic rhythms and modes into a modern vision of Jazz and Funk with a light electronic flavor.
Labu contains 7 original pieces composed by Pablo Hernández Ramos, and it is a continuation of the group’s never-ending search for new paths through the different musical traditions of the Mediterranean and Africa, using Jazz and other contemporary urban flavors as the bridge between them. It’s music without borders, without barriers and without prejudices. Labu captures the sound of the 21st century global city and its cultural movements.
The musicians who participated in the making of Labu come from all over the world. Starting with the special guests, we have Munir Hossn (Brazil), Kaveh Sarvarian (Iran), Miron Rafajlovic (Bosnia), and the main members of the band: Larbi Sassi (Tunisia), Akin Onasanya (Nigeria), Sergio Salvi (Italy), and finally Pablo Hernández Ramos and Javier Geras from Spain.
Sinouj’s sound is marked by its unique combination of Eastern, Mediterranean and African modes and rhythms, with exotic sonorous textures ranging from the Arabic violin, the Persian ney, to the Sakara drum from Nigeria, together with contemporary jazz harmonies and instrumentation. Touches of rock, funk and electronic music are also thrown into the mix.”
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  • UPC8435383642516
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