Sirvent, Sergi - Catalexi

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Sergi Sirvent, piano, trumpet & composition / conducting
Marc Cuevas, electric bass & double bass
David Xirgu, drums
Martí Hosta, drums & percussion
Pau Doménech, bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, flute, gralla in C & soprano saxophone
Marc Egea, wheel viola, duduk & flabiol
Martí Serra tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone & sorpano saxophone
Pau Puig, dolçaina, gralla en do, alboka, bansuri, ney, Bulgarian gaida
Pep Moliner, fiscorn
Miquel Àngel López, trombone & fiscorn
Juan Rodríguez, tuba

Large scale jazz compositions from this new (to me) Catalan composer and pianist.

CATALeXI: In Greek and Latin metrics, omission of the last syllable of the verse.

Catalexi is a new compositional and interpretive adventure led by the prolific musician and composer Sergi Sirvent.
The project was born with the support of the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa with the aim of connecting two worlds much closer than it may seem a priori: traditional music and jazz.
With Sirvent's untransferable gaze, Catalexi is based on the right Catalan syllabic: the particular rhythms, accents and ways of singing the texts and melodies of the people in Catalan throughout history. From this concept, nine splendid musicians from both the jazz scene and the popular / traditional scene will perform an original musical material that takes this leitmotif of the syllabic rhythm and the sung voice as a link. both in composition and in improvisation. New music created with the desire not to close any stylistic frontier; music is universal and transversal.”
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