Sjöblom, Rikard/Den Gyllene Orkestern - Cyklonmannen

Rikard Sjoblom is the very great keyboardist in Beardfish, and this 80' album is basically two albums combined. Inspired by a well known (in Sweden - he's unknown here) author's work, Rikard has given this book "Cyklomannen" (The Cyclone Man) a musical interpretation, sure to thrill fans of classic Swedish progressive rock in general and Bo Hansson fans in particular, although I found some of the lead moog work to be more reminiscent of Happy The Man, which is ok by me as well. There's a studio version with all parts played by Rikard (except for the saxes) and then there's a live version with a full band. Which version is better? I dunno; they are both great and have their strong points. Not groundbreaking in the least, but really excellent!
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