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Nice to see so many of the ‘AltrOck All-Stars’ all gathered together again and doing great work still! Recommended.

“SKE is the "solo" project of Paolo "SKE" Botta, italian keyboards player who also plays in many bands, most notably Yugen and Not a Good Sign.
In 2011 the debut album by Ske, "1000 Autunni" was released on AltrOck/Fading Records, and features mostly Yugen musicians. The style can be described as 70s Symphonic Prog meets Avant/RIO and Canterbury. The album received great critical acclaim and went quickly out of print, to be eventually reprinted in 2018 as "1001 Autunni", with an additional live CD.
The new studio album "Insolubilia" is still produced by Marcello Marinone. It is a dense and heavily layered album, inspired by brain teasers and paradoxes. Despite this, it has a distinctive melodic approach that should help the listener to avoid “getting lost” into the sonic labyrinth.
With echoes by bands such as Gentle Giant, Änglagård, Universe Zero or JLF Ledesma among others, the album main opus “Insolubilia” is a 5 part variation of several recurring themes, that benefits of a very extensive musical palette, provided by 25 musicians.”

Paolo Botta (Not a Good Sign, Yugen) - Keyboards, Composition
Fabio Pignatelli (Goblin) - Bass
Luca Calabrese (Isildurs Bane) - Pocket Trumpet
Lars Fredrik Frøislie (Wobbler) - Harpsichord
Keith Macksoud (Present) - Bass
Tommaso Leddi (Stormy Six) - Mandolin
Nicolas Nikolopoulos (Ciccada) - Flute
Evangelia Kozoni (Ciccada) - Voice
Vitaly Appow (Rational Diet, Five Storey Ensamble) - Bassoon
Simen Ådnøy Ellingsen (Shamblemaths) - Saxophones
Alessandro Cassani (Not a Good Sign) - Bass
Martino Malacrida (Not a Good Sign) - Drums
Francesco Zago (Yugen) - Guitars
Maurizio Fasoli (Yugen) - Grand Piano
Valerio Cipollone (Yugen) - Clarinets
Elia Leon Mariani (Yugen) - Violin
Jacopo Costa (Loomings, Yugen) - Vibraphone/Marimba/Xylophone/Glockenspiel/Cymbalum
Maria Denami (Loomings) - Voice
Massimo Giuntoli (Hobo) - Harmonium
Pierre Wawrzyniak (Camembert, Oiapok) - Bass
Mélanie Gerber (Camembert, Oiapok) - Voice
Guillaume Gravelin (Camembert, Oiapok) - Harp
Pietro Bertoni (FEM) - Trombone/Euphonium
Thea Ellingsen Grant (Juno) - Voice
Tiziana Azzone (Il Giardino delle Muse) - Theorbo

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