Skylab - Skylab #2 - 1999 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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'Skylab was the electronic super group consisting of the UK’s Matt Ducasse, Howie B. (U2, Bjork, Wim Wenders), and the Japanese duo Tosh and Kudo (also known as Love TKO of Major Force Records/Mo Wax). In early 1994, the four came together and discovered a mutual love for all things beautiful, beat laden, bizarre and pyschedelic. They embarked on the creation of fresh music to suggest new and undefined spaces. Tosh played guitars, Kudo played Fender Rhodes, pianos, and synthesizers, Matt sourced and flipped samples, while Howie B took all the elements and engineered a cohesive sound from their created chaos. The result is an album so rich with moods, textures, and ideas that it still sounds relevant today.
Fast forward to 1999 and Skylab releases their highly anticpated sophomore album titled, #2: 1999 (Large as Life and Twice as Natural). The quad becomes a trio as Howie B. moves on to releasing his solo record and producing U2.
The unit now consists of Matt Ducasse, painter/part-time DJ, Toshio Nakanishi and Masayuki Kudo and freestyle vocalist Debbie Sanders, who is charged with interpreting the inner workings of Matty’s mind to uplifting results."
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