Slatter, Tom - Demon

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“How do you make personal music when the lyrics are all about wizards, demons, aliens and serial killers?
That was the conundrum Tom Slatter decided to solve with his latest album, Demon.
‘It’s supposed to be fun still, I’ve not suddenly gone emo. But I felt like I wanted to put my heart on my sleeve a little more than usual. Because this music, and the fact that some people enjoy it, really matters to me,’
‘A latter-day Victorian street-theatre barker with a guitar promising tales of mystery, imagination, ‘orrible murders and bloody great waving tentacles’ is how Tom Slatter has been described. Since 2010 he has been scaring audiences with five albums and numerous EPs of storytelling songs.
There are songs about alien outbreaks, about tentacled sky-kraken, about werewolves and murderers. Tom has written about death, madness and tentacles for the best part of a decade with no sign of slowing down or turning to more ‘normal’ subject matter.
‘An unorthodox songwriter whose songs push the boundaries of what can be expected from the solo acoustic guitar troubadour’, or possibly just ‘an experiment too far’.”
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