Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Grand Opening and Closing CD (expanded)

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This California band has been getting a lot of ink & attention recently, & it's no surprise why, as this is an intriguing and classy release, from the music all the way to the packaging. I hear a sorta strange hybrid of metal & RIO attention to detail & complexity (I think the Art Bears are a definite, audible influence). The music is performed on vocals (male & female), violin, guitars, bass, percussion and drums with other instruments thrown in for texture & interest. Sometimes the vocals veer a little too near "cookie monster land" for my tastes, but they are not the main thrust of what's going on here anyway. If you give this release the time it needs to circulate in your cranium, I think you'll find it very worthwhile. This reissue of their sought after first album - which preserves the fantastic packaging of the original, includes 3 bonus tracks: two unreleased studio tracks and a live track.
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