Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - In Glorious Times

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Third excellent studio release by this outrageous and surprising outfit. I hear significantly less metal (although it's still there, of course) this time around, which is a bit surprising and more 'out rock' parts. Pretty damn brilliant. Recommended.

"Rock-against-Rock pioneers Sleepytime Gorilla Museum celebrate the extremes of sonic debilitation, with this muffled cry into the dark night of the soul. Triumphantly smothered within the intricate stylings of musical evolution, the expansive world of literature and the pain and passion of one's emotions, the Oakland, California-based band have once again imbedded themselves deep in the creative process, allowing themselves to reach new plateaus on their latest album `In Glorious Times.' The band - known for their expressive and wildly entertaining theatrical live shows - gives justice to their eclectic music in the live forum and plan to stay on the road for the most of 2007."
  • LabelThe End
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