Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Of The Last Human Being CD

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Just a quick note; even though the band was inactive for over a decade, this is them finishing up their mission; the tracks were composed and recording started in 2010-2011, before their inactivity. So it is 100% them with no compromises due to intervening years. Recommended. No one else even remotely sounds like them.

“After thirteen years of hibernation, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, the most gloriously uncategorizable American band in existence, has emerged from stasis to proudly announce the imminent release of their fourth studio album, of the Last Human Being.
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, comprised of multi-instrumentalists and rotating vocalists Nils Frykdahl, Carla Kihlstedt, Michael "Iago" Mellender, Matthias Bossi, and Dan Rathbun, plays an arsenal of instruments ranging from the somewhat standard (drums, electric guitars, bass, electric violin) to the rare (bass harmonica, nyckelharpa, marxophone) to the homemade (Slide-Piano Log, Electric Pancreas, Pedal-Action Wiggler). The group has consistently evaded easy categorization, garnering accolades from across the aisles of contemporary classical music, prog rock, industrial music, metal, avant-garde improv, and more. Their music, inturns bashing and bucolic, enveloping and unsettling, tends towards long-form epics interspersed with mysterious field recordings.

“A kind of buzzing warmth stirs in my belly,” adds band co-founder Carla Kihlstedt about the band’s return. “Partly, it’s the re-kindling of old friendships, but it’s also the connectivity of reigniting a community, an ethos, and a commitment to creative and independent expression, and to vibrant collectivism. I believe in every messy molecule of SGM, from its many heads to its stinky toes, from its music to its wandering soul. How lucky are we to return to the hive after all these years?!”
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