Sloth Metropolis - Humanise

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Alastair Milton: keys and sax
Calum Calderwood: electric-violin and vocals
Peter Fleming: bass and backing vocals
Steve McNamara: drums and percussion
Alistair Homer: trumpet
Eilidh Harris: backing vocals
Nick Gaughan: synths and backing vocals
Randolph Edwards: backing vocals and sloth personifications

Somewhere between a sort of twisted folk/progrock blend and Cardiacs lies Sloth Metropolis!

“SLOTH METROPOLIS is a musical mythology & ongoing sloth-themed rock opera told in prog, psych, folk and paper mache.
In the EP ‘Move’, the Sloth of the Metropolis was forced to go flat hunting and found a mysterious manuscript whilst clearing out his old house. In ‘Origins’, the Sloth opened up the manuscript and read the story of Aengus Rudach—a Scottish bard and Alchemist from the 17th century who sailed to a mysterious island in the Atlantic after being accused of witchcraft. Aengus put together an alchemical experiment, aiming to combine the superhuman powers of the Island’s two inhabitants, the ‘Master of Matter’ and the ‘Master of Mind’. Instead of the perfection he hoped for, Aengus found himself transformed into a blissfully static sloth.
In the new album, ‘Humanise’, we turn to the Next Page of the manuscript and find a combination of lyrics, music and ceremonial instructions known as the ‘Songs of Aengus’. The gist of the ritual is simple. Step one: bring together 4 musicians. Step two: compose 4 songs. Step three: perform them live or record them for an outside audience. Step four: let the transformation begin.
Sloth Metropolis have recorded their attempt at the ritual found in the Songs of Aengus. Listen on to find out their results.”
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