Slow Six - Tomorrow Becomes You

Third release by this interesting group who combine modern classical with rock and post-rock. Funnily enough, what at least some of this REALLY reminds me of is "We are the Rowboats" by Krakatoa! So definitely more 'rock' this time around...
There are a number of interesting composers and ensembles out there today that play 'new music' or 'contemporary composition' and who are young enough that they are as influenced by folks like Don Caballero or Henry Cow as they are by Philip Glass as they are by Bela Bartok. This one returns the group's sound more towards their rock roots. As John Diliberto said, "Arvo Part meets King Crimson".
"An emotionally unrestrained full-length infused with taught rhythms, unraveling melodies, and detailed ambiences that owe as much to Tortoise and The Dirty Three as Steve Reich and Brian Eno. A new, welcomed optimism runs through Tomorrow Becomes You--never has the band's light shone so brightly as in the record's finale, 'These Rivers Between Us.'"
  • LabelWestern Vinyl
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