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Second of two from this early Spanish hard-rocking psychedelic band. Remember, when they were doing this, Spain was still a dictatorship under Franco...!

“Smash was a Spanish progressive rock band founded in Seville (Spain) in 1968, which gained popularity through the Spanish underground scene. It was one of the pioneers of Andalusian rock, fusing the progressive rock of bands such as King Crimson (or psychedelic, like Vanilla Fudge) with the traditional flamenco music of Andalusia. Smash was one of the key groups in the development of progressive rock in Spain, along with Módulos and Màquina!. The band was led by multi-instrumentalist Gualberto García.”

“"Not satisfied with their previous album? Don't worry, because they came to smash this time. This is an obscure, precious relic of the psychedelic prog, and the Rock Andaluz gem, from the scene pioneers themselves. Very relevant album, with songs like the classic prog of First Movement (my favorite track), the psychedelic Don't Be Sad, Baby and the experimental andaluz Behind the Stars. The keyboard presence are valuable now. The first track is a rock n roll intro. Some folk rhytmic songs too, like the main theme from this Smash album, We Come To Smash This Time. Fail Safe is almost 11 minutes of punkish rock n roll prog. A classic spanish album!!"-ProgArchives
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