Smith, Tim - Tim Smith's Extra Special OceanLandWorld CD

This is the only solo album by Cardiacs main-man, Tim Smith. It is truly a solo album, as Tim plays all instruments (guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, etc) except for Sarah Smith who joins him on saxes on one track!

Originally released in 1995, this psychedelic pop album was recorded during one of the Cardiacs 'offline' periods, between 1989-1991. It will surprise absolutely no one to learn that it sounds like a more 'personalized' version of Tim's musical vision. Lower key than Cardiacs, but really lovely and a real grower and keeper. Recommended highly to fans.

"Here we have a titillating collection of songs, released exclusively on to CD, from the prolific pen of Cardiacs' main composer and lead singer Tim Smith. Recorded and performed by way of a penance on his own between 1989 and 1990."
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