Snow Nerds - Gup LIfe

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Ted Taforo - Saxophone, Keyboard
Anna Butterss - Upright Bass, Ukulele Bass
Jesse Quebbeman-Turley - Drums
Jake Sucher - Guitar, Laptop

"Snow Nerds has a bright, zippy sound and a warm sense of humor...[they] have an excellent rapport, and Sucher’s knotty melodies leave plenty of room for some excellent improvisation."-Lee Rice Epstein, Free Jazz Blog

“GUP LIFE, the vibrant and subversive debut of progressive jazz quartet SNOW NERDS, comes onto the Los Angeles improvised music scene with attitude, ernest, and no shortage of absurdist humor. With devilish hooks, hard-hitting instrumental performances, and thought-provoking composition, this record is a breath of fresh air to those who seek an alternative to the desire-to-impress that so often plague the world of academic music.
At the heart of Snow Nerds is the musical history of saxophonist Ted Taforo and guitarist Jake Sucher. The pair have been writing music and performing together since their first days as students at CalArts. In 2015 Sucher and Taforo joined forces with the explosive rhythm section of bassist Anna Butterss and drummer Jesse Quebbeman-Turley. As individuals the band members are emerging staples of LA music, with Butterss appearing with Dick Oates, Bob Mintzer, and Jeff Parker, Quebbeman-Turley with Bill Frisell, and Taforo getting performance and writing credits on Spoon’s newest album Hot Thoughts. Each composition on Gup Life harnesses these individual voices in a way that dawns the possibility of a new positive energy in motion.”
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