Soft Machine - Alive & Well : Recorded in Paris (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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Now this is pretty exciting. This was the 3rd CD that Soft Machine released on Harvest and their last real album by a working version of the group. It featured the line-up of Karl Jenkins (Piano, Electric Keyboards, Synthesizer), John Marshall (Drums), John Etheridge (Acoustic and Electric Guitars), Steve Cook (Bass Guitar) and Ric Sanders (Violin).
The original album was pretty good, but it was also heavily worked on in the studio. It also tended to emphasize the mellower, composed music over the music that had all of these fierkjy, great musicians letting loose.
This excellent reissue includes the original disc in remastered form, but it's the second disc that is the real revelation; it's over 45' of additional, unreleased material from the same recordings (made over 3 days in July, 1977) and you can hear everyone really let loose and rocking out! This presents a fuller picture of the band late in their life and - for me - a much better picture as well. If you have any interest in the late period of this great band's work, this superlative reissue is highly recommended
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