Soft Machine - Alive in Paris DVD

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This great release is out of print. We bought a good number of copies, but this is really and truly gone and please don't whine at us when it is really, really gone and you don't have it and wish you did...

FINALLY, here it is! The quintet version of the band, captured at the Theatre de la Musique on March 2, 1970 for France's Pop Deux tv show. Featuring the short lived line-up of Lyn Dobson and Elton Dean-reeds, Hugh Hopper-bass, Mike Ratledge-keyboards and Robert Wyatt-drums, this was towards the end of Lyn Dobson's tenure, as he left by March 15! The show was broadcast in two 30 minute segments and the picture and sound quality are both excellent. The only drawback is tht there is fake applause at 'inappropriate junctures', mostly done to hide the edits that had to be done to take a band who played long songs in a continuous set and turn this into two 30' segments. Every Soft Machine fan needs this.

"A love affair with France preserved on film - Shot with tangible cinematic flair at Paris' photogenic Theatre De La Musique in March 1970 this superb quality live footage of the Softs at their freewheeling peak was originally broadcast on French Television's Pop 2 slot in two 30 minute segments in the wake of the band's extensive French tour of February and March 1970. Like the sounds fashioned onstage by Messrs Wyatt, Hopper, Ratledge, Dean and Dobson the visual style here is both highly fluid and refreshingly free of the stylistic cliches all too familiar from countless lookalike in concert films. Interestingly, the one thing the footage conspicuously lacks is a surplus of conventional head on camera angles with instead vantage points from side stage and from behind Robert Wyatt's drum kit and the band's backline much in evidence. With the Softs flying high sans safety net and previewing material from their upcoming album Third, the audience in raptures, Robert Wyatt looking like the younger brother of Brian Jones and the sight of Orangina bottles decorating the top of the amps this is a hugely evocative period piece made all the more vivid by the warm hues of the colour film stock. They sure don't make 'em like this any more." Grahame Bent, Record Collector, April 2008
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