Soft Machine - BBC Radio 1967 - 1971 : 2 x CDs

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As most everyone knows by now, the Soft Machine were generally quite poorly served by their official releases. The Peel Sessions set was one of the first, and most important additions to their legacy. And it was a mind-blower. This is a expanded repackaging of the double CD set that came out on Strange Fruit in the early 90's. This includes everything that still exists in the BBC's vault from Robert Wyatt's tenure in the band. You get 25' of the band's 1st session in 1967 with Kevin Ayers (never before released and in great sound, taken from the reel in Bob Woolford's archive, since the BBC had long ago destroyed their copy), a couple of solo Wyatt tracks (1 never before released), two great sessions from the trio of Hopper/Wyatt/Ratledge, the incredible 21' long session by the septet (heard as originally broadcast for the first time in one piece) and a lot of material by the 'classic quartet (Dean/Hoppper/Ratledge/Wyatt), including a previously unreleased track and another track with over 5' of material that was previously faded out restored back. All in all this has over 40' of material not previously available on the previous set and they have even managed to find some photos I hadn't seen before, and it sports a cover photo by Robert Wyatt. Highly, highly recommended.
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