Soft Machine Legacy - Live In Zandaam CD

All information by Aymeric Leroy and taken from his website ( Elton Dean (as/saxello/elp) - John Etheridge (g) - Hugh Hopper (b) - John Marshall (d) Rec: 10 May 2005 - Loc: De Kade, Zaandam (Netherlands) Tracks: 1. Ash [JE] (11:39) - 2. 1212 [HH] (12:01) - 3. Baker's Treat [ED] (6:52) - 4. Kings And Queens [HH] (9:11) - 5. Two Down [JM/JE] (2:44) - 6. Big Creese [JE] (8:32) "This release is the recorded debut of the new incarnation of SoftWorks, with John Etheridge replacing Allan Holdsworth. Recorded live in the Netherlands in May 2005, this bring together two Etheridge originals, a brand new Hopper composition, a drums/guitar duo, the SoftWorks ballad "Baker's Treat" and, last but not least, the Soft Machine classic "Kings And Queens". Worth checking out to hear how different (and equally good) this sounds compared to SoftWorks. The legacy (& spirit) of Soft Machine is alive and well!" [Moonjune]
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