Soft Machine - Live At The Paradiso 1969 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Oft-bootlegged, very high quality soundboard recording of the trio version of Soft Machine from 3/29/69 (Hopper, Ratledge, Wyatt) recorded in Holland.
Recorded just after the band had finished recording "Volume Two", this is an exciting document of that band performing that material, but really pushing the needles into the red as they do so (the band was famously LOUD at that point in their life) as they rip and ROAR through the material in a way hugely different from the very polite "Volume II".
Mike's fuzz-toned organ screams, Hugh's fuzz bass sounds like a truck rumbling down the highway, & through it all Robert's jazz inflected drumming holds it all together.
It's not a perfect performance by any means; I had this hoped for 30 years ago as the first archive Soft Machine release on Cuneiform and I still have Hugh and Robert's letters with their strong objections to this performance coming out! As I said before, it's really LOUD and I bet that they could barely even hear each other while they played, but it's very vibrant, very sweaty, very exciting and totally essential for fans! Hugely recommended.
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